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Read all about the different elements of our trade, so that you can make an informed decision on the design and materials of your bespoke piece. These articles were written based on our most frequently asked questions. We have aimed to create a comprehensive guide to the process of commissioning a custom piece of jewellery with us. From choosing between Gold or Platinum, to Diamond quality and lots of information on the different gemstones we love to work with. 

Rough Tanzanite

Precious Gemstones

Discover the incredible precious gemstones used in making our bespoke jewellery.

Raw Gold Nugget

Precious Metals

Investigate the different metals used in the Jewellery making process.

Rough Tanzanite

Jewellery Guides

Read up about finding out your ring size, and caring for your jewellery over time.


Tourmalines are some of the most colourful gemstone varieties. The various colours are commonly believed to be the result of certain minerals being present in the Earth’s core as the gemstone was forming. For example, Iron and Titanium are responsible for the Blue and...


When Platinum was discovered by modern European metalurges, it was mistaken for Sterling Silver. In fact, its name comes from the Spanish word Platina which means 'little silver'. Platinum is a very dense metal, and this makes it hard to work with, and it has a high...


Diamonds are some of the most sought after gemstones on earth. The hardness of diamond and light dispersion through the facets causes that well loved ‘fire’ and brilliance. Diamonds are also the hardest material on earth. It is 58 times harder than anything else on...

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is the result of a mixture of Pure Gold and Copper. The pinkish Gold has become quite popular for jewellery in the 21st century. 18ct Rose Gold is some of my favourite metal to work with. The subtle Pink tint to the Pure Gold makes it a perfect accompanyment...


Sapphires are part of the Corundum family of gems. Rubies are also a part of this family. Sapphires come in so many different colours. Most people associate Sapphire with the deep blue that is the colour of the centre stone in Princess Diana (Now the Duchess of...

White Gold

White Gold has also become a very popular choice for jewellery making over the last couple of decades. It used to be a more cost effective alternative to Platinum, but with the rise of the Gold price in recent months, the two prices per gram are now almost equal....

Yellow Gold

It is impossible to know when the first humans started mining gold. Perhaps a fleck of alluvial gold picked up from a river bed; or an alluring seam of glimmering in an exposed rock face. Our first interaction with gold is lost in the shroud of time. Much coveted for...

Ring Sizing

To get an accurate ring size is one of the most important pieces of information when placing your order. The best way to get your finger sized is to go into any jeweller’s shop or studio, and they will be able to accurately size it up for you. If you have not gotten...