Sapphires are part of the Corundum family of gems. Rubies are also a part of this family. Sapphires come in so many different colours. Most people when they think of Sapphires they think of the Deep Royal Blue that is the colour of the centre stone in Princess Diana (Now the Duchess of Cambridge’s) Engagement ring. But they actually come in a whole spectrum of colours. They come in Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, and sometimes they can also have multiple colours within one stone. This phenomenon in Sapphires is called Partition, leading to these special Sapphires often being called ‘Parti Sapphires’.

Sapphires are a preferred gemstone for Engagement and Wedding Jewellery, as well as Heirloom Jewellery, because of its durable hardness (a 9 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness), high lustre and rich, intense colours.

Moh's Hardness Scale





5th and 45th

Carla Maxine Jewellery is exclusively represented by Courtesy of the Artist in the Strand Arcade in Sydney, Australia. Courtesy of the Artist has the most incredible collection of Australian gemstones in their Vault, and this includes one of the most extensive collections of  Australian Sapphires. As part of Rare Earth: Australian Made, each year,  the seven Courtesy of the Artist Custom Artists create some new designs featuring these  exquisite gemstones. These Sapphires are also available for any custom commissions by one of the seven Custom artists. You can read more on their collection and about Courtesy of the Artist Custom here.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond side view.

A fully faceted Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

Natural Coloured diamonds are the rarest form of diamonds. They are the result of a one-in-a-million occurrence where chemical impact on the creation of the diamond, and this process is what lends these stones their incredible colours. Coloured diamonds are graded on their own system, also set up by the GIA. This system works on the degree of colour intensity. Natural coloured diamonds come in a whole spectrum of colours, including Grey, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue being the second rarest, and Red being the most rare. There are also Champagne Diamonds and Cognac Diamonds, in various shades of Chocolatey Brown. Read more about all the different colours of diamonds here.

Previous commissions featuring Sapphires

Australian Parti Sapphire and Pink Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring. Photographer - Cesar Cueva
Peach Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring