Rose Gold

Rose Gold is the result of a mixture of Pure Gold and Copper. The pinkish Gold has become quite popular for jewellery in the 21st century. 18ct Rose Gold is some of my favourite metal to work with. The subtle Pink tint to the Pure Gold makes it a perfect accompanyment for many different gemstone hues. It even works beautifully as a contrasting colour with Blue or Green gemstones. An interesting fact about the history of Gold, is that it was often described in the history books as ‘Red’ in appearance. This was more likely because of impurities present when smelting Gold, but it is interesting to think that the Ancients weren’t only using Yellow Gold for all their needs and embellishments.

18ct Rose Gold

75% Pure Gold

14ct Rose Gold

58% Pure Gold

9ct Rose Gold

37.5% Pure Gold

In 18ct Rose Gold the pink hue is quite subtle, as it is only a small amount (25%) of Copper that is added as an Alloy to Pure Gold. The pink Coppery colour becomes more prevalent when you are looking at a piece of 9ct Rose Gold for example. As explained in ‘Yellow Gold‘, at Carla Maxine Jewellery we prefer working with 18ct Gold, in any colour. The reason for this is that it is a perfect hardness, yet malleable enough to withstand years of knocks and bumps during normal wear and tear. 

 Feel free to send us an email or book a consultation to discuss which caratage and hue will be best suited to your bespoke piece. To read more about the intricacies of Gold Caratage and the different Alloys used with Pure Gold, have a look at the Yellow Gold page.

Native Copper from the USA. 

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