White Gold

White Gold has also become a very popular choice for jewellery making over the last couple of decades. It used to be a more cost effective alternative to Platinum, but with the rise of the Gold price in recent months, the two prices per gram are now almost equal. White Gold is created by alloying Pure Gold with metals like Palladium and Silver to make the colour more white. For this reason, unplated White Gold will always have a slight yellow tinge in appearance. 

18ct White Gold

75% Pure Gold

14ct White Gold

58% Pure Gold

9ct White Gold

37.5% Pure Gold

White Gold is routinely Rhodium Plated to give it that shiny grey white appearance. We recommend that you bring your White Gold jewellery in to Carla Maxine Jewellery every couple of years, for a replating, and then we normally do a check up as well, to make sure all the claws are still in place, etc. If you prefer not to do routine replatings, consider having your bespoke piece crafted in Platinum. To read more about the intricacies of Gold Caratage and the different Alloys used with Pure Gold, have a look at the Yellow Gold page.

Melting White Gold in a crucible.

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