Padparadscha Yellow Gold Ring

Design Process

My passion for designer jewellery led to me entering the world of jewellery design at a young age but through my Masters and years of experience designing and crafting beautiful pieces I have established a trusted jewellery design process.

Working with clients to create that special ring, earrings, necklace or other custom piece they seek brings me great joy.

I love the journey from meeting a new client to working through their specific requirements and then going through the steps to create their bespoke jewellery piece.

1. Initial discussion/consultation

Creating beautiful custom jewellery starts with a clear idea of preferences and/or specific requirements.
Key questions:
Is the piece for a special occasion?
What precious metal would you like to use?
What colour and kind of precious stones would you like to use?

It is best to have at least a vague idea of the answers to these questions when we start talking so that we can quickly get the exciting part of illustrating what your bespoke jewellery piece is going to look like.

Custom Jewellery Design Illustration Process Stage

2. Sourcing materials and Illustrations/design

Because precious stones like Sapphires and Diamonds are rare and make up quite a bit of the cost of a custom jewellery piece it is best to source these as early as possible. Through my network of gemmologists and diamond specialists I am able to source a wide range of precious stones.
Sometimes it is possible to start with illustrations of the design of your custom jewellery piece and then once the design is to your satisfaction I will source the required precious stones.
I love illustrating jewellery by hand and aim to provide a draft illustration of your piece as soon as is possible.
Once the jewellery design and materials are resolved I can provide final costs.
3. Production/Manufacturing
The final design will dictate the jewellery manufacturing process which ranges from complete hand crafted production to wax carving or 3D printed rapid prototyping.
Carvings and prints go through the casting process in the precious metal of your choice.
Your jewellery piece is then worked off by hand and if applicable stones are set into the piece.
Finally the piece is hand polished and plating, plating or other finishes are applied.
I aim to complete custom commissions within 2-3 weeks but this is dependent on existing orders and the complexity of the design.