Custom Jewellery Design


Custom rings for every occassion.

Rings are a deeply personal form of jewellery. Wearing something on one’s fingers have layered connotations of belonging and sentiment. Your hands are one your most expressive body parts – adorning it with decorative additions carry this same expression, as well as imbueing sentiment. Whether it is getting married, and the ring is a symbol of a committed relationship, or an heirloom that used to belong to your great-grandmother. Or for men, a signet or club ring – signifying belonging and comeraderie. 

Princess Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Square. Photographer - Cesar Cueva
Diamond Snowflake Ring

Custom designed rings to suit your needs

We love working with our clients to create deeply personal, unique and precious heirloom pieces of jewellery. We create anything from Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands to revamping Heirloom Jewellery into contemporary, wearable pieces. Each piece is unique, and Carla is personally involved in your design journey every step of the way.

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Pink and Light Blue Gold Ring

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