An incredibly special cluster of  Ceylon Sapphires and Spinel. A celebration of the story now engrained in this special heirloom ring. The client came to me with these stones, and they had the most incredible history. Her father had bought them off the side of a boat in Sri Lanka years ago. Beautiful Ceylon Sapphires and Spinel, marked on the eged little paper envelopes as 'Not Commercial Cut', which means that the cutting quality does not adhere to international commercial standards. Now - I never say no to something beautifully wobbly, so I said to her: let's put them all together in one ring! She later then brought me her grandmother's ring that also had one of these incredible Ceylon Sapphires in it. We decided to throw that one into the mix as well. I set it all in 18ct Rose Gold, to set off the gorgeous warm tones of the Sapphires and the purple tones of the others. 

I got the most beautiful email from my client, saying how much she loves the ring, and I quote: "I cannot believe how rich these stones now look, no longer humble stones bought off the side of a boat, they are now positively glorious.