I have certain gems that I get ridiculously excited about when I see them and get to know them. My sister in law shares a deep love of jewellery with me, so she got just as excited when I told her about this super clear exquisite Watermelon Tourmaline.

She immediately asked me to make her a ring using this stone. At the moment I was busy with the hybrid range, so I was very interested in merging different colours and aesthetics in one piece of jewellery.

I sent her sketches, and off I went on my little watermelon mission. I had the most fun creating this piece, including choosing 18ct Rose gold because of its subtlety in colour, as well as sourcing the gorgeous little pink sapphires to go around the one side, and investigating everything from Emeralds to Minty Quartz and eventually settling on Peridot for the other half.

She was ridiculously happy with the result when she opened the box, and it's still one of my favourite things I've made to date.