Love Adorned - New York

I created a collection for Love Adorned, a beautiful store on Elizabeth Street, Soho, NY. I feel that these are the most Couture pieces I have created to date, and the one came out looking more formidable than the previous one. 

They were really interested in my Hybrid Collection (a collection that I started designing in 2016 when I moved with my husband from South Africa to Australia - it told the story of a woman and a jeweller who was fully immersed in both countries and cultures. Feet planted firmly across the Indian Ocean. The moment I started designing and making for Love Adorned, though, the Hybrid Collection took on a life of it's own. And these pieces are a testament to the incredible gems that inspired them. 

The incredibly talented Cesar Cueva took these insanely beautiful pictures of the New York range before they jetted off to be introduced to the United States by Love Adorned, a CarlaMaxine first.

Hybrid Opal Beauty - 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold (Black Rhodium Plated) with Opal Triplets and White Opals. 


Bi-colour Tourmaline Dream - A spectacular Dark Green and White Bi-colour Tourmaline set in 9K White Gold and 18K White Gold with Australian Green Sapphires on the Business side, and White Diamonds on the Party Side.

Emerald Hybrid Earrings - These must be one of my favourite pieces I've ever created. Rough Raw Included Emerald Slices sit in a combination of 16K Green Gold and 18K Rose Gold with little green Emeralds all around them and a sprinkling of Orange Sapphires in the Rose Gold part to finish it all off. 

Watermelon Tutti Fruity Ring - In 16K Green Gold and 18K Rose Gold, this Watermelon Tourmaline is beautifully complimented by bright Pink Spinel and Australian Green Sapphires.

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