My client has had this Pear Shaped Diamond in a pendant since she got it. She began to feel that she does not wear fine jewellery pendants that often anymore, so she wanted to convert it into a stunning Dress Ring that would be the ring of all rings. 

We searched high and low for a style she might like, and this was the one we decided on. At first I was hesitant to take the project on - I have never really worked with such bespoke diamonds in such a fine jewellery piece. But I'm glad I took it on in the end, as this piece feels like my entry into the fine high end jewellery spectrum. 

I love that the style represents two things for me, depending on which way you wear it: a Peacock when you look at it one way - a Crown the other. Pretty regal imagery for a ring of all rings.

Set in 18ct White Gold. 


My initial sketch.
Before the piece went off for cleaning up and setting.

Another angle of this special Heirloom piece.