Pieces of Eight - Melbourne

I created a range of pieces for Pieces of Eight in Melbourne, the range centred around some beautiful Rose Cut Coloured Diamonds. The clusters exploded from the Rose Cuts as centre pieces, and created a collection of unique Engagement rings that has since grown into quite a couple of other pieces of heirloom jewellery as well. 

Coloured diamonds are my absolute favourite thing to work with. I love exposing my clientele to them, as a lot of people has never even known that there is such a thing as coloured diamonds. The colours make them so unique, special and rare, way more rare than any perfect white diamond could ever be. 

Yellow Diamond Fire.
Rare Green Diamond Beauty.
Cognac Diamond Elegance
Champagne Diamond Pendant
I sat down with the crew from Pieces of Eight TV. Have a look at the full interview below. 

Carla Maxine from Pieces of Eight Gallery on Vimeo.