Possibly my favourite part of the whole process - this is where I play alchemist with some of natures most incredible and everlasting products. Normally either before, or after the Sketching and designing process, we have a pretty good idea of which gemstones to use. A lot of the time the Gemstones actually inspire a design. Then I'll either pick out some complimentary stones to support and enhance the main attraction of the design, or suggest a different metal colour to set of the tones of the gemstone more effectively or in a certain manner. 

Here we can also find the precious metal that will suit your needs, wishes and budget.

18K is the most luxurious option, Also sometimes known by its metal stamp 750, it means that it is 75% pure gold. The remaining 25% is made up of alloys to make the gold more durable and less soft (As 100% pure gold is quite soft, and will not offer a lot of protection to the gem it holds). This 25% varies between White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold to create the different colours. The make up of 18K gold is as follows: