My client came to me in January, saying she has these rough Sapphires that her boys bravely fossicked for her by going down a narrow 20 metre long mine shaft in Northern Queensland. She didn't think that one would be able to do anything with it, but it was just so sentimental to her. She also told me that she doesn't wear rings, so she wanted to incorporate her Sapphire engagement ring, as well as the ring her husband gave her when their youngest baby boy was born, into this super sentimental heirloom piece.

So I went to work, sketching, and sending her ideas, as well as meeting with the gem cutter to find out if we can do anything to harness some colour and light from these stones. We quickly saw (under his professional gem cutting lights) that they were not the right quality for actually cutting gems from. I asked him to please have a look if he could nonetheless give a facet here and there. The most I hoped for was just to clean them up so I could set them. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to come out so well, what with seeing the colours of the Sapphires when you hold the piece up to the light.

The client loves her stunning heirloom piece. It is truly special - with even the gold of her special rings being recycled to make up some of the Rose Gold this piece is set in.
The Gems before they were sorted and cut.
My intial Sketches. 
The gems after they had been cut.
The process of putting the piece together. 
A close up of these gorgeous gems.
The Final Piece.