Changing of the Seasons Earrings


These Earrings were inspired by the changing of seasons.
Just as our climate moves from Winter to Spring, or from Summer into Autumn, our moods and wants and needs change. These are completely interchangable to suit every occasion and colour of outfit.

Mix them up with other pieces in the same collection, and you could have endless combinations of jewels.

In Winter you might be wearing your hair down a lot, so you
may prefer to have them as small studs for everyday wear, with different configurations whenever you like. Just swop them out to change things up.

When Summer arrives you probably have your hair up a lot (like I do in the Australian Heat) and you might want to wear something a bit more 'Statementy' for a night out on the town drinking bubbles with your friends. As you leave the house, quickly slip the elegant Briolette drop piece onto
your stud earrings, and you're ready to go.

The basic stud layer is 9ct Yellow Gold with a 3.5 mm Purple Sapphire.

The second layer, with the Rose Quartz Briolette Drop, is 9ct Rose Gold.

The back layer consisting of the two leaves is sterling silver.

This set comes with a 9ct Yellow Gold Butterfly.