Hybrid Earrings


The Hybrid Collection is an ongoing project. It was inspired by my love of hybridity in aesthetics, the development of my 'Cluster Collection' as well as our move to Australia from our country of birth, South Africa. My husband and I made the move in April 2016, and it has been an interesting experience and amazing journey - setting up a life in a new country, especially a new continent that I visited for the first time only in December 2015. I find that creating art is a way of dealing with emotions when overcoming something big that happened in your life. That's the way it is for me, anyway. And that is how I see my jewellery - as little pieces of art. 

Here we have a hybrid of the 'classic' setting, and my rambunctiously A-symmetrical cluster setting, which is always a bit out of whack and breaking away from the norm of 'classic', where all the stones line up in a neat little row and do what they're supposed to do. So my little 'rebel' stones are pictured here in the 9ct yellow gold. And the 'classic' setting in Oxidised Sterling Silver. I love playing around with darker colours of metal, especially Oxidised Sterling Silver, to create questions of preciousness, especially contrasted against the 9ct 'wacky' cluster setting. The London Blue Topaz just compliments these two metal colours so beautifully, but it can also be made with an array of different gemstones, should you want to commision a pair of them to make your own. 

These earrings consist of 9ct Yellow Gold fused together with Oxidised Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with two stunning Pear Shaped London Blue Topaz in the centre, surrounded by little round London Blue's in various sizes, from 1.75mm to 3mm in diameter. These dangle on 9ct Yellow Gold Earring Hooks.