The Original Hybrid Dress Ring


The Hybrid Collection is an ongoing project. It was inspired by my love of hybridity in aesthetics, the development of my 'Cluster Collection' as well as our move to Australia from our country of birth, South Africa. My husband and I made the move in April 2016, and it has been an interesting experience and amazing journey - setting up a life in a new country, especially a new continent that I visited for the first time only in December 2015. I find that creating art is a way of dealing with emotions when overcoming something big that happened in your life. That's the way it is for me, anyway. And that is how I see my jewellery - as little pieces of art.

Here we have a hybrid of 'classic' setting, and my rambunctiously A-symmetrical cluster setting, which is always a bit out of whack and breaking away from the norm of 'classic', where all the stones line up in a neat little row and do what they're supposed to do. So my little 'rebel' stones are pictured here in the 9ct yellow gold. And the 'classic' setting in Oxidised Sterling Silver. I love playing around with darker colours of metal, especially Oxidised Sterling Silver, to create questions of preciousness, especially contrasted against the 9ct 'wacky' cluster setting. My inspiration and muse behind this ring is my mother. I created something that would suit her impeccable style, and Citrine is her favourite gemstone. You can see some of my mother's incredible style in her work over at

This ring features an incredible marriage of two of the jewellery world's staple metals: Sterling Silver, and 9ct Yellow Gold. In the case of this ring, one of the first pieces to be designed in my Hybrid Collection, I created a texture in the Oxidised Side of the ring. Oxidising of silver is a surface treatment. It is a process where you hurry along the natural process of Oxidation of the copper content inside Sterling Silver by using sulphur. This treatment might wear a way after a while, as the wearer naturally polishes the metal by wearing and touching and rubbing. The texture I created ensures that the oxidation is cought in the crevices, and so it keeps the darker look for longer. You can always send the ring to my studio for an oxidation touch up every now and then, but please keep in mind that it was designed to be temporary, and that the actual look of the ring will show itsself over time and wear.

A beautiful Emerald cut Citrine sits in the centre where the two metals merge, with an assortment of different sized citrines (ranging from 2mm to 3.5mm) surrounding it to create this incredible dress ring.