Pink Sapphire A-symmetrical Stud Earrings


One of The Cluster Collection's firm favourites, these A-symmetrical Cluster earrings are a pink dream. Incredibly Pink Sapphires set in 9ct Rose Gold creates a combination that is easy to wear every day, or keep it for a special occasion, where they will sparkle subtly all night long on those lobes.

The quirkiness of the A-symmetrical setting style provides a contemporary twist on a classic jewellery icon: the cluster set stud earring. It also hints toward the Hybrid Collection in the sense that one half of the halo around the centre stone is set in the classic 'all in a row' setting, and the other half is all bundled up in a cluster, the rebel sapphires prefering to hang out together rather than line up for duty.

Gorgeous Oval Shaped Pink Sapphires in the centre with a variety of different sized pink sapphires surrounding it.