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Colourful Cluster Set of Dress Rings

I love working with a client’s box of treasures. This particular box held a collection of special, sentimental pieces. My client wanted a ring she could wear so that she could behold and appreciate these special elements on a daily basis. There were so many different elements, but the design immediately came to me as I saw the pieces. I asked my client if she would be open to two rings that could stack together, and she was super happy about the idea.

These two colourful cluster Dress Rings were crafted in White Gold, using the gemstones from the clients heirloom and special pieces of jewellery collected and gifted to her throughout her life. Emeralds, Tourmalines, Diamonds and Sapphires are sprinkled in a cluster style to create two rings that slot together seamlessly. They can be worn together or apart. In the Gallery of images you can see my client’s box of treasures, my design sketches, the Final CAD renderings and then eventually the final piece.

Client Feedback:

“I was blown away by Carla’s creativity and personal but professional approach to designing my ring. I had some sentimental jewelry that I no longer wore, so Carla offered to redesign them for me. From the original designs, I knew Carla has taken all of my input (and my unique personality- into consideration. She was open to changes and feedback and the result when i saw the 3D design made me very excited to have these rings made. The finished result- a stunning pair of rings that fit perfectly together or can been worn separately- was exactly like the design. I get so many compliments on my rings and love that I have a piece of my grandmother and mother in them. “