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Multicoloured Diamond Cluster Tennis Bracelet

‘Zubenelgenubi’ – a Tennis Bracelet of dreams. Zubenelgenubi is the brightest star in the Libra Constellation. This Tennis Bracelet of Dreams was commissioned as a special birthday gift for one extraordinary Libra. Over 11 carats of Diamonds, including Fancy Coloured Diamonds sprinkled throughout. Shining like the brightest stars. This was definitely the largest project I have ever taken on, and the research and development alone took about 3 months of work. Figuring out which hinge method to use was the hardest part. In a tennis bracelet you want smooth and elegant movement, but not too much movement, and the irregular cluster layout of the design made this a bit challenging. After a lot of R&D, I figured it out, and the result is a tennis bracelet with beautiful luxurious movement.

The Tennis Bracelet was cast and soldered together in 18K White Gold. The design was based on my style of jewellery making, with a couple of unique link designs, and only limited repeats of those patterns. Luckily the client gave me free reign with the design and concept, so I had a lot of freedom in the whole process. The client had a couple of diamonds they wanted to be used in the bracelet for sentimental purposes. The 1ct Diamond in the centre of the bracelet, for example, as well as the two 0.50ct Diamonds half way through the middle on each side of the centre diamond. I then used a scattering of large and small White Diamonds to create the assymetric aesthetic, and scattered some Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds in Pink Argyle, Green, Orange and Yellow throughout. 


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