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Terra Firma Wedding Band

I created the Terra Firma range of wedding bands exactly for this purpose – to tell the story of a couple whose history is deeply rooted in the earth that surrounds them. These clients wanted to capture the story of their life in this wedding band – from where they met in Stellenbosch (South Africa), to their family farm in the Karoo (South Afria), all the way to Vancouver (Canada) where they live together these days. As someone who has emigrated to a different country myself, I understand the need to commemorate all the different parts of your heritage. In this case we used the mountains present in each of these three locations to create this Terra Firma ring. 

I started by carefully tracing the outlines of the three mountains in each of these special locations. The gaps inbetween is filled with waves of ocean and land (‘terra’), to signify their journey over oceans, a migration. The layers are then built up, creating the feel of a topographical map. When you look at this wedding band from afar, you would just see an interesting texture – it is up to couple if they want to fill you in on their secret story. The piece was finished off by a very special engraving (handwritten by the bride) on the inside of where each of the mountain ranges sit on the outside. 

Wedding photo provided by client. Photograph by Matt Kay from The Woods Photography


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