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Yellow Diamond and Grey Diamond Hybrid Engagement Ring

I had the pleasure of designing one of my close friend’s engagement ring. The yellow and the grey is what came to mind immediately when her partner reached out to me about a ring. Her partner liked my Hybrid rings, so I created this amalgamation of light and dark in one of my signature hybrid cluster designs. The Yellow Diamonds are laid out in a classic halo design, whilst on the opposite side the Grey Diamonds are strewn accross in an assymetrical scatter. The effect is that of a classic design trying to break out into non-conformity, all within the same ring.

The Natural Fancy Bright Yellow Diamonds are set in Yellow Gold, which is fused with the White Gold (that is Black Rhodium Plated), holding the scatter of Fancy Natural Grey Diamonds and Cognac Diamonds. In the centre is a 0.45ct Cushion Cut NFY SI1 Yellow Diamond. I also had the priviledge of making the couples’ wedding bands (and hand delivering them in South Africa, at their spectacular wedding). My client wanted her wedding band to resemble chicken feet – a South African culinary delicacy. So I designed the claws (of the chicken feet) to hold the two Yellow Diamonds, one Grey Diamond and one Ruby. The metal along the sides the ring was hand engraved to resemble chicken skin.


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