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Engagement Ring Design Process
Bringing your dream ring to life.
3D illustration of Engagement Ring Design
CAD Design of Engagement Ring
The Structure of your ring is realised in 3D.
Working off Custom Engagement Ring
Working off the Casted Ring
Your piece is then carefully worked off by hand.
Setting of Gems and Diamonds in Engagement Ring
Setting of Gems
Each gemstone is securely set in its own custom calibrated setting.
Engagement Ring Polishing
Engagement Ring Polishing
A thorough final polish ensures your gems sparkle like they were born to.
Very own Custom Engagement Ring Design
Engagement Ring of your Dreams
Wear, admire every day, and enjoy.

Custom Unique Engagement Ring Design

Together, let's create the ring of your dreams. 

Carla Maxine Germann creates bespoke pieces of Jewellery that tell stories, magical tales of the alchemy of nature's own jewels - precious metals and gems found in the earths core.

These pieces are put together in a way that undermine and question traditional conceptions of "jewellery". It's something different, something unique. Something made specially for you. 

Pieces Of Eight

Read all about the collection I created exclusively for Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne. An incredible array of pieces featuring Rough Cut Rose Cut Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds. What a mouthful! I sat down with the crew from Pieces of Eight TV - watch the video below.

Custom Jewellery Design

Let me help create the jewellery piece you have been dreaming of. 

I create beautiful heirloom pieces such as this unique beautiful Sapphire and Rose Gold ring. 

Shop Carla Maxine Bespoke Jewellery

Shop my range of unique creations ranging from rings to earrings and other unique jewellery pieces.

Shop online or see my pieces in store at Courtesy of the Artist (Sydney) and Pieces of Eight (Melbourne).

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